2019 Mercury 20 HP EFI 20EH Outboard Motor




2019 Mercury 20 HP EFI 20EH Outboard Motor

The Mercury portable 20 HP outboard motor develops powerful low end torque to plane your boat with ease. The 20 HP Mercury outboard engine intake manifold design provides you the fast acceleration you need to move across the water quickly to your next destination. It is the perfect combination of portable power for your boating needs.
The 111 lb. Mercury 20EH model is an electric start outboard with a 15 inch shaft and includes manual tilt, a heavy-duty transom bracket, vibration-absorbing wishbone mounts, and a multi-function tiller handle. Legendary Mercury reliability, fuel economy and a 3-year warranty make this outboard the affordable pick.
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Features :
Large Displacement Powerhead (351cc)
Electric Start + 12V 138W 12A Alternator
Thru-Cowl Backup Manual Start
Digital CD Ignition with Spark Advance
Tuned Intake for Quick Acceleration
High Grade Marine Alloy Construction
Stainless Steel Water Pump Housing
Zinc Coated Water Passages
Rated for Saltwater Use
Sacrificial Zinc Anodes and Trim Tab
Tiller Integrated F-N-R Gear Shifting
Adjustable Steering Tension Control
Twist-Grip Throttle with Tension Control
Thermostat Controlled Water Cooling
Auto Ratchet Tilt (6 manual trim positions)
Shallow Water Drive
Quiet Through-Propeller-Hub Exhaust
“Wishbone” Mount for Reduced Vibration
6.6 Gallon Fuel Tank and Fuel Line
Easy Maintenance Canister Oil Filter
Start-In-Gear Protection
Low Oil Pressure Warning Indicator
ESG Over-Rev Protection
Safety Lanyard Stop Switch
Owner’s Manual
Mercury Marine 3-Year Warranty

In The Box :
Fuel Tank (6.6 gallon)
Quick Connect Fuel Line
Mercury 3-Year Warranty
Aluminum Propeller
Mercury 4-Stroke Oil
Owner’s Manual & Tool Kit


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